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Hi! I'm Katie from the Philippines. Working? You could say so. But it's a family business so it's not much. I just stay in front of the computer the most part of it or handle some paperworks and nothing more. Unless you put me in the kitchen then I'd be more useful. XD

I started writing back in high school--mostly poems. I remember having two notebooks full of them. But even before then, I have always loved reading. I read anything--as in anything--from newspapers to books to magazines to encyclopedia. Any topic or issue could interest me at random but when it comes to novels, I favor the suspense thrillers or supernatural. I have a wild and vivid imagination and make up stories in my head. It was only recently that I started to put them on paper--I mean, type it out on the computer.
Music. I'm not particular on the genre. As long as I like the tune and the meaning of the song the vocals are good, I'll listen to it. I like a lot of artists but when it comes to JPOP, my ichiban is KAT-TUN followed by NEWS and Kanjani8.

When it comes to movies and dramas, I prefer the rom-com genre. Yes, I'm a girl and I like some romance. But I won't say no to a police or spy drama or movie. Just don't give me gory films. Too much blood and slicing people up is a big NO NO for me. YUCK!

I've mentioned that I'm more useful in the kitchen. Well, I could say I'm a decent cook. Or I could stop being modest and say, "Hell, I could even be a chef!" But then I don't want to brag too much. XD Let's just say I can whip up something edible with any ingredients available? Guess that's good enough description. *nods*
I don't know what else to say about myself unless you want me to sound like an egotist if not egomaniac. To put things simply, I have a few hobbies and skills but unlike Taguchi, I prefer to stick to them and excel at them before I move to a different one. Yes! Just like Ueda! :)

Well, I'm a complicated person but just in case you'd like to know me more, feel free to do so. Who knows, you might like me. LOL
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